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We deliver creative workshops to communities with the aim of using found and a re-use of materials to create one off tokens that combine mindfulness concepts with art. Our creative sessions are a way of shifting focus and provide an alternative way of releasing thoughts and emotions by creating a safe space for expression.

Live Event Drop in Workshops

Walk along participants, quick activities for street/fete events.

Live mindfulness themed art activity for the public

Focused Mindful Workshops

A mindful themed art workshop where a participant will learn a skill as well as benefiting from a mindful session.


Guided meditation

Introduction to mindfulness

Creative themed art session

Team Building/Audience Development Workshop

Tailored mindful and creative wellbeing workshops - creating collaborative artwork and bringing people together.


Guided Meditation

Tailored Creative Collaborative Art Session

Reflection of work made together

Introduction to mindfulness

Take away activities to continue mindful practice.

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