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As members of The NO Collective we worked with local students to transform a space into an installation. To start and get to know our students we created a relaxed, fun, informal space for a free flowing discussion to find out what they wanted to bring to their hometown. We found that modern ways of communication was a key aspect and concern for them. Mobile phones/digital technologies making for a more insular society. We worked with the students to take the concept of taking people out of a shopping centre and transporting them to a different world, capitalising on the shopping centre's facilities-the lifts. The lift was transformed taking away the feel of a shopping centre lift to transport the public to a different space. Once the doors opened you were submerged into a cloudy white space consisting of a desk with pen and paper where people would write letters to people they are estranged from with the idea to encourage them to reconnect in an old fashioned way.

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