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This project came out of concern during the first Covid pandemic. 

The creative industries were taking massive hits to their economies and felt like they were being under represented by the government by not seeing the value and economic value of what the creative industries bring to the UK. BMC felt very strongly after having had several conversations with young students doubting their creative paths that we needed to offer support. BMC worked with Natalie Bays of the NO COLLECTIVE and Lisa Walker of The Appleby gallery of FBS together we formed COMPOSE.


We looked to the students, suffering as a result of the pandemic, discussions were had with educators discovering less students were choosing to take a creative path because the future looked so unstable and unsupported. 

Compose began by creating a platform for students thinking about their options at GCSE AND ALEVELs to be able to ask direct  questions to local creative industry leaders  with various creative disciplines. 

Aims were to build confidence in their creative choices and futures, also to show how a creative education can be invaluable in leading you into a plethora of job roles outside of art such as Doctors and scientists. 

Due to the pandemic this event was held online via a live stream. 

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